Monday, January 5, 2015

OOTD: Shovava Wing Scarf

Sometimes you see something where there's that instant "YES! I NEED THIS!" feeling.. an item of clothing that really gels with your own personal style... I definitely had that feeling when this beauty came up in my etsy browsing:

It's the "wings" scarf from Shovava. It's quite simply a work of art. 

Of course while I may want a beautiful scarf like this, it's not exactly a high priority need, so I didn't buy it.. just put it away on my favourites list and gazed at it longingly from time to time.

Imagine my surprise when I got it for Giftmas!

I can confirm it's just as luscious and beautiful in real life as I hoped it might be. Mine is the silk/cotton version and it's light and warm and floaty and just lovely. 

I got it in the black version so it would go with everything, and already I've received compliments on it when I've been wearing it out and about - it really is a stunning piece that I am delighted to own. 

It's a really good size - substantial without being overwhelming.. it hits my wrists at pretty much the perfect spot and has just enough weight and texture to the material to stay where it's put. 

Shovava do some other gorgeous scarves as well, these two also caught my eye:

You can see the rest of their gorgeous things in their shop: - Be warned though, you might fall in love, like I did! 



  1. Totally getting on. We must remember to co-rdinate our wardrobes so we don't show up wearing the same bird at the same event.

    1. I kind of like the idea of a flock of us.. :D

  2. These scarves are just gorgeous!! Merry giftmas loot

  3. wow, these scarves are really amazing!! I'm glad you got it as a pressie, it looks rad, the peacock one seems pretty amazing too :D

  4. Ohh! I am SO GLAD you got one of these for giftmas! I've been eyeing them myself, I collect owl things, but with how popular owls have got lately, i've had to stop and only get things I LOVE or are really individual. These are just SO beautiful! I think after reading this I need to save to buy myself one!

  5. Wow! That scarf is a definite must-have. It's scary to think that there's a closet out there that's not aiming to hug one of those scarves. You all did a really great job in modeling those different designs. Thanks for sharing that, Omega! Stay fashionable! :)

    Derek Osborne @ Pure Love Boutique