Sunday, July 26, 2015

iFOTD: Goffed up for Goffee

Amongst the many events I run is a monthly get-together for those in the alt/goth crowd, it's always a good time. Because we're silly, we call it Goffee - because goths + coffee..
I always like to experiment with my makeup, and go a bit spooky, because, well, why not!
To do this look I used:  
My love of duochrome eyeshadows continues, at the moment I can't get enough of the purple Wicked eyeshadow from Concrete - with the purple streaks currently in my hair I've been wearing more purple makeup, and this is a subtle but glowy option :)
I went with a double wing - the very dark red gel eyeliner that I've been favouring lately and some peacock coloured Siren's Song as well. 

Of course I had to go vampy with my lip, because I knew I'd be eating and drinking I went with the liquid lipstick for a stay-there base and topped it up with Noir Red for extra shine and dimension.