Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: ModelCo Fat Lash Volumising Black Mascara

Today I wanted to show you something that has been doing a lot of duty in my makeup cabinet -  it's the Fat Lash volumising black mascara from ModelCo.
I tend to oscillate between defining and volumising mascaras depending on what look I'm going for  - this one is one of the best volumising mascaras I 've ever come across.
The formula seems to thicken without being overly clumpy, so that's definitely part of what makes it work, but I suspect the brush has even more to do with it - it has a little spiky ball  on the end of the brush that is just perfect for getting lashes that a regular brush would miss.
This really does give a "false lash"effect, it's really dramatic, and I've been asked more than once if I I had gotten eyelash extensions when I've been wearing this.
Regular readers will know I'm not a huge fan of pink - this is as pink as it gets, packaging wise - the anodised hot pink finish and the hefty size of this makes it easy to find in the makeup drawer. Thankfully, the mascara isn't pink, or a wish-wasy brown  (as some "black" mascaras are), it's a true opaque black. 
I'm really happy with this - when I am wanting to go for a lash look with serious drama, this is my go-to. 


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